June 2, 2013

  • Goodbye

    It’s sad to think that Xanga is having problems…

    and now they’re asking for MONEY to stay afloat.

    As much as I love xanga… I have already PAID up.. as a premium member and I really don’t see the point in putting more money into something that didn’t know how to invest funds when times were good and now that users have declined….






    I’m letting all my readers know.. I’m moved …

    you can find me here




    should xanga manage to stay afloat.. I will not be posting on here anymore..

    let’s face it… the only person I know who still xangas is just me…

    and all of you guys, who avidly follow my blog will find it a whole lot easier to read me from your google accounts.


    But thank you- for following me after all these years(we’re heading to 9 years now)- let’s hope I’ll be blogging for another 9+ years.


    I’ll see you all on my Blogger account!


    much love




    miss 54632- 


May 31, 2013

  • I know I am marrying a good man, an extremely awesome man.

    I told him one day that I really needed a winter jacket. One that would keep me dry from rain and the wintry coldness that Melbourne likes to bestow on us every now and again.

    It’s one thing to agree to buying it, but it’s another thing dragging him around Highpoint shopping centre (that place is huge since it’s redevelopment, well it was already huge but now it’s just crazy) and we walked into every shop to find the “right” one.

    After countless hours of walking around, we went home empty handed. But he was determined to keep me warm and dry and scheduled in another shopping expedition in the city. Yeah you read correctly, he insisted that we continue our adventure of looking for this elusive jacket… seriously i wasnt even exactly sure what style i was looking for..I had  vague idea but nothing came up to par.

    In the end, I ended up going to the outdoor ..ski style shops to get my jacket. 



    I can now look forward to catching the train in the miserable weather…


    how many men will do that for you? Make it their business to ensure that your happy, warm and dry and put up with your moods and indecisiveness


    I know mine does

May 30, 2013

  • whats in the margarine container?

    Our family is really resourceful.. we try to reuse most of the jars and containers that we get from things like ice-cream containers and tofu boxes.

    For this reason, my parents have never found the need to spend money on tupperware containers.

    It also means that when you open up your fridge, you’ll never going to know if the margarine container really has margarine. You may have run out but won’t know until you open it. 

    In my case today, I found it stockpiled full of chilli. Lucky for me, there was another container with REAL margarine.


    It always makes me laugh when I get rolled by my parents


May 29, 2013

  • i hate calling phone companies

    worst experience ever.

    had to ring a certain phone company to get a microsim set out because my dad upgraded his mobile phone from his prepaid provider.

    should be simple- tell us if it can be done (of course it can), what the costs are and how long it will take.

    instead the person on the phone kept going around and around in circles. 

    first they wanted us to buy a new prepaid starter kit- uhhh how about no? considering we dont want a new number we just want the same number but in a smaller size to fit the new phone. It’s a hassle changing numbers

    secondly she kept asking us what was happening to our old handset. Not sure how exactly that was even her problem or issue considering she worked for a prepaid sim provider and they didnt provide us with the phone itself.

    and thirdly, when she kind of did get what it was that we wanted and asked us where to send the simcard, she couldnt work out that a. we didnt want to pay $30 for it and that it was going to be sent to a different address.


    In the end, we somehow got there, but i wanted to make a complaint for her terrible customer service and the awful experience that we had.


    Apparently at 9pm australian time, nobody is around because they’re all in meetings. That being said, the call centre is in the Phillipines which is approx 4hrs behind.. so worst case, its like 5pm there… yet how can an office be unmanned? wtf

    the person was like to me “how can u be dissatisfied? i already did what u requested?!?!?!”

    and im like- yes, it only took me 45mins to do it, which seriously shouldnt have taken that long.


    how do i know this? it took my sister less than 5 minutes to do it. because after i got off the phone with this moron, my sister called back and organized EVERYTHING with greater success.


    How do i get those 45mins of my life back?

    what a drainer??!?!?!?!?!


May 25, 2013

  • eyebrow threading

    I have heard some great things about “eyebrow threading”- something done a LOT by the Sub Indian continent, parts of Asia and African countries (i think).

    It’s kinda where they use a piece of “cotton” thread/string and distort it somehow that it picks the hair off your undesired spot…like waxing but less gooey product.

    So I’ve been curious and figured I should get my eyebrows shaped because they can get unruly but I’m lucky (for the moment) that I haven’t exactly inherited my dad’s side of the family genes where their eyebrows are OUT of control. When I say out of control- I mean they grow really really really long like hair and sometimes verging on the unibrow.

    I haven’t had much success with waxing (whether the normal kind or the sugaring-which is meant to be more eco friendly) as I break out and get a lot of pimples around my eye area.


    Anyway… to cut the story short- I took the plunge and got it done.

    I did a little research and read the reviews at one particular place and let me tell you for $25, thats a bit exxy considering lots of places apparently do them for $7 but I really cant be sure if they’re any good. You know the old saying “you pay for what you get”.

    I wasnt prepared for the pain, thats for sure. The pain is like what you get when you wax but it’s more prolonged, as in with waxing it immediate, this pain just stays awhile as they keep doing your eyebrows. It’s a constant sudden bursts of pain.

    Plus you need to help them(felt kind weird doing it) where you gotta hold your eye up or down so they can get it done properly…

    After all the pain, I had red marks on my face- well just around my eyebrows and it stung a little bit. Apparently they claim it’s meant to be “reaction-less” or something like that.. LIES!!!!

    Eventually the swelling or whatever it was on my face did subside, but I stupidly did this at lunchtime and went to back looking like I had some skin disorder. 

    In saying that, although with all that pain, I did like the result. My eyebrows looked more defined- I think… so I’ll be going back- just not at lunchtime…



May 24, 2013

  • confused

    Today I did a double take when I went to the ladies toilet. For a second I thought I had gone into the men’s because the seat was up. … it always makes me worry. .

May 23, 2013

  • The late night train

    Last night I caught a late train with mr_54632, we sat across from a guy that kept muttering stuff to himself and Mr_54632 was trying to get me not to stare because you know I’m rude like that. .. he didn’t want the man feel that by my staring that it was an invitation to come socialize with us. Mr_54632 prefers to be anti social and stay quiet on the train. Personally I don’t care. … anyway when the man did leave, he waved at me and naturally I waved back.

    Mr_54632 face palmed. ..

    In saying that, large night trains do attract a lot of weirdos.

  • Work stuff

    It doesn’t matter which office I go to, the fact of the matter is that the printer hates me. Today the printer died. They always do, it seems I have the magic touch. *sigh*

    I also work in an office full of youngsters. One of my colleagues asked me how old I was. She thought I was 23 tops or closer to her age of 19… she couldn’t believe that id be turning 29 this year. . Man I feel ancient

May 22, 2013

  • radio makes the difference

    This morning I’m catching the train with mr_54632 and we have access to his radio app. I could use mine but I’m afraid of going over my bandwidth quota.

    It certainly makes a difference to my trip in. Almost like being in my car except I’m crammed in with a whole bunch of people.

    I also noticed the 7am train isn’t as packed. .Mr_54632 was really surprised that I catch such an early train. I like to be early and gives me time to walk and not rush. Rushing makes me cranky.

  • More broken things

    The most haha thing happened to me at work. ..I split the zipper on my skirt. The stupid thing was I’ve worn this same skirt when I was even more fat and had this tailored when I was heaps fat and bloated. .. w t f.

    The zip even snapped off whilst I tried pulling at it.. lucky for me I had safety pins. ..I now have several clipped in to hold my skirt together. .

    On another note: the old man sitting next to me smells like eucalyptus oil and cigarettes. .gross….

    I also walked to flinders st station just so I could get a seat on the packed train.